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Hi, I'm 16... and YOU? I'm using TrustMyAge!

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Hi, I'm 16... and YOU? I'm using TrustMyAge!

TrustMyAge help you to control access of your product & services to protect the community

Secure your communications

Chat at ease online and rest assured about the age of the person you're chatting to

Protect your children

Protect your children from online predators and provide them with a safe environment

Better access control

Products and/or services aimed at certain age groups? Controlling access couldn’t be easier!

Easy and quick way
to anticipate violations

It has become essential to feel safe and in a secure environment on the Internet: the COVID crisis has made physical contact in all sectors even more difficult.

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Minor? Major? How can you be reassured?

Who’s on the other side of the screen?

Who’s answering exam questions or filling in a request for administrative papers?

TrustMyAge helps you assess the trustworthiness of your contacts. 

Control Access to your specific product & services

Are your products and/or services intended for an informed audience? Protect those who can’t have access and secure the environment for those who are authorized to do so.

Integrations on your websites, how does it works?

The assessment of someone’s age when they log in or register only takes 20 seconds. No photos are taken and/or stored and no videos are recorded.  Only 3 steps are required for secure access:

Face recognition, Emotion recognition (filter that prevents a person from deceiving the camera with a photo for example), and validation of access or not.

For which kind of businesses?

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